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The Thermaco Big Dipper automatic grease trap manufactured by Thermaco, Inc. is considered the leading grease trap in the world. The grease separation technology is second to none, and the innovation Thermaco has with their products is unsurpassed by any of their competitors. They are extremely specialized field of oil and grease extraction from kitchen discharged water. Their reputation for establishing quality removal systems was established when the first line of Big DipperĀ® products ended up being recognized for their remarkable reliability and effectiveness under a variety of applications and in many situations.

The Big Dipper’s success in satisfying the demands of the strong separation market is based on total dedication to 3 important locations: item innovation, item reliability, and customer contentment. Without this focus, efforts to keep pace with the enhancing demands for discharge water quality and landfill safety that arise from regional neighborhood and federal environmental laws would fail. That is why Big Dipper is dedicated to the constant renovation of existing products and the development of new ones. We listen and react to consumer demands, never jeopardizing on the quality of design and workmanship.

Big Dipper’s Innovation:

The Big Dipper Automatic Grease separator systems were Thermaco Inc.’s first line of oil and grease separators. Designed for simple field updating, Big Dipper devices have a selection of alternatives that enable installations to be customized to fit the conditions that are one-of-a-kind to your company. Features even consist of such enhancements as automatic pumps, which are used to deliver collected waste to remote holding barrels, and alarm sensors for alert response needs.

Big Dipper improved the capabilities of its small-to medium-sized systems while establishing larger and more advanced main grease and solids separation systems. The result was the innovative Big Dipper Automatic Solid Transfer series. This production negated the drudgery of managing effluent solids and enhanced the functional effectiveness of grease separation.

Feedback from clients also caused an additional breakthrough in pre-treatment systems. This time it was the SUPERCEPTOR, the first “plan pre-treatment plant” that was made particularly for the automatic removal of oil, grease, and solids from high volume wastewater streams.

Product Dependability and Reliability:

With the flagship Big Dipper line, the separation industry quickly acknowledged the Big Dipper name for total reliability and effectiveness in pretreatment of wastewater. All systems are universally acknowledged for their heavy stainless steel building, and appreciated for a peerless history of withstanding service and really low maintenance. In truth, of all BIG DIPPER systems installed throughout the world in the previous twenty years, over 95 percent are still in operation, offering effective service day in and day out.

Customer care is the cornerstone of Big Dipper’s formula for success. Our management groups and field sales reps always are readily available to speak with consumers about unique issues. That’s due to the fact that we acknowledge that feedback from this interaction commonly can lead to improvements in our product line. More significantly, we believe that it distinguishes Huge Dipper from various other rivals.

Our drive to be the best is shown once again and again through the development of better items and continuous refinement of remarkable methods. That is why your relationship with Huge Dipper never ever ends with the sale.

Big Dipper Cost Savings:

With Big Dipper, you can decrease grease trap pumping costs, stay clear of sewer surcharges and fines, avoid septic field failure, comply with EPA land fill prohibits for liquid wastes, negate the need for in-ground separators and traps, and remove grease-clogged drains.

Big Dipper systems are optimal for any operation office that requires removal of grease and oil from wastewater. Such centers can experience a variety of problems related to an out-of-date solid separation procedure. If ignored, these troubles can blossom into significant obstacles that prevent regular company operations and create continuous and undesirable costs. In such cases, expenditures can be considerably minimized with a Big Dipper system.

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